It's the most profitable cryptocurrency

Dividend.Cash (DVD) coin is a revenue-generating cryptocurrency, forking from PIVX as a Proof of Stake and Masternode coin, that enables owners to receive dividends that paid with multiple payout including dash, pivx and another popular masternode cryptocurrency on a daily basis. The dividends comes from our shared masternode hosting fee, shared staking hosting service fee, crypto exchange fee and our affiliate programs. In the nearest future, Dividend.Cash will adopt other revenue generating feature.

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Dividend.Cash Feature

It's the best and all in one solutions for masternode investors.

Shared Masternode

Deploy any masternode easily and without delving deep into the code. You can set-up your masternode with a few click and small effort, without annoying linux command anymore.

Shared Staking

We stake coin together, you don't have to wait for days or weeks to receive a stake. You don't need a personal computer or server that runs 24 hours a day. The optimal time of the stake can be determined.

Crypto Exchange

Receive masternode rewards and trade them on our exchange platform directly. You can sell it immediately without waiting anymore. No need to wait for transfer to the exchanger.

Affiliate Programs

Get extra income by refer your friends, we offer 3 level of affiliate scheme. 5% on level 1, 3% on level 2, and 2% on level 3 bonus scheme, so refer your friends as much as you can and get real passive income.

Each day 40% of the fee collected by Dividend.Cash platform including shared masternode hosting fee, staking hosting service fee, crypto exchange fee will be distributed to the Dividend.Cash coin holders that stake or run masternode of their DVD coin in our platform. The more you hold, the more you earn. If you hold, run masternode or stake your DVD coin your self, you won't get this dividends.

Masternode coins Facts

Masternodes are becoming the new mining and passive income generating assets.

Did you know PIVX? that's the first coin that implement masternodes with Proof of Stake consensus. On the February 2016, the lowest price was about $0.000422 and only need $4.2 to run the full masternode. It means that people who invested about $4.2 with 10,000 PIVX and got their masternode two years ago have been generating passive income for all this time.

Please note that the 10,000 PIVX those people purchased for about $4.2 was worth more than $130,000 in December 2017 and even with all the lows of 2018, that same PIVX is worth more than $17,000. They generated passive income for the last two years and their initial investment is now worth 4000x or 400000% more.

To run a masternode, in the most cases is very expensive and at this point Dividend.Cash can help you. We are sharing seats of a masternode so you don't have to pay a complete masternode collateral but you get the same ROI on your coins like in a full masternode. Dividend.Cash will help you to setup, maintain and run any masternode and staking Proof of Stake coins. Together we can, together we strong.

Dividend.Cash Coin Specification

Dividend.Cash will issue a coin called DVD coin that forking from PIVX and has same feature with PIVX. The DVD coin will be available to get for free with airdrop, bounty and purchase during our masternode pre-sale campaign that will take place in the end of July 2018.


Name DividendCash
Symbol DVD
Address Prefix D
Block Reward 2-25 DVD
Block time 60 seconds
Block Maturity 50 Block
Confirmation 6 Block
Masternode Collateral 10.000 DVD
Total Supply 21.210.101 DVD
Premine 165.301 DVD (~0.77% )
Reward Distribution 80%-90% Masternode / 10%-20% Stakers
P2P Port 19997
RPC Port 19998
Mine-able No
Stake-able Yes

Premine Distribution


Q2 2018

  • Idea
  • Research the system
  • Develop the system
  • Launch Website Beta Version
  • Testing the system
  • Market testing

Q3 2018

  • Evaluate the testing and revision
  • Dividend.Cash blockchain
  • Mac, Windows and Linux Wallet
  • Explorer, Genesis Block Creation
  • Launch the Website
  • Airdrop Distribution
  • Masternode Pre-sale
  • Affiliate contest announcement
  • Submit to External Exchange

Q4 2018

  • Shared Masternodes and Staking Platform Release
  • Evaluate and Audit the platform
  • Start dividend share distribution
  • Submit to Coinmarketcap
  • Agressive Marketing Campaign
  • Add new asset for dividend share

Why Dividend.Cash?

Best investment for you

By owning DVD coin, you will get a lot of benefits. It's not only a coin but DVD coin will determine how much dividends that you will get. The more you have, the more you get.

Better than any Masternodes and Staking Coin

Not only Masternode and Staking bonus that you will get as a reward. But, you will also get dividends.

Keep earning even when you lose in trading

You lost in trading? don't worry, you will keep making money even if the price is low. Just join masternode or stake your DVD coin, and enjoy our dividend bonus.

Real passive income, we will grow your money

We give you a lot of bonus, from our Dividends you will get multiple payout, and from Masternode and Staking you will get DVD as a reward.

Can the value of DVD coin become worthless?

Given dividend, PoS and masternode system stimulates users to hold their coins, we expect a steady growth in price over time.

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